Young PC Members

It is beneficial for young researchers to have experience of a PC member for their research and writing activity. We invite young researchers including students as Young PC members.

A student who have had his/her submitted papers reviewed can be a young PC member.

A submitted paper is assigned at most one young PC member along with regular PC members. A young PC member reviews an assigned paper, and participates in the discussion at the PC meeting. It is the regular PC members assigned to the paper and the PC that are responsible for the final decision of paper acceptance.

Young PC Members in xSIG 2017

IWASAKI, Shintaro (The University of Tokyo, M2)
ENDO, Wataru (The University of Tokyo, M2)
JIMBO, Ushio (SOKENDAI, the Graduate University for Advanced Studies, D2)
DAIKOKU, Haruyuki (Tsukuba University, M1)