Due to the recent public health situation, xSIG 2020 (as well as other affiliated workshops in SWoPP 2020) will be held as an online virtual conference.


For xSIG program schedule, please refer to SWoPP 2020 program  at July 29th.

about xSIG

xSIG (cross-disciplinary workshop on computing Systems, Infrastructures, and programminG) is a workshop that started from 2017 inheriting the transition of JSPP,SACSIS,and ACSI. It solicits contributions from a wide range of fields related to computing systems, infrastructures, and programming, spanning all areas covered by the sponsoring special interest groups.


Starting from 2020, xSIG is held as a full-day single-session workshop in SWoPP (Summer United Workshops on Parallel, Distributed and Cooperative Processing),  in which many SIGs on computing systems hold workshops at a time in a common place.

Please see Call-for-Papers for submitting your work to xSIG 2020! The submission form will become available soon.