Jan 18-20, 2016
Fukuoka, JAPAN

Call for Papers and Presentations

2nd Annual Meeting on Advanced Computing System and Infrastructure

Date: January 18-20, 2016
Venue: Centennial Hall, Kyushu University School of Medicine


[Important Dates]

Regular Paper Registration Due (EXTENDED):17:00 JST, October 12, 2015
Regular Paper Submissions Due (EXTENDED):27:59 JST, October 18, 2015
Presentation of Overseas Publication Application Due (Re-EXTENDED):27:59 JST, October 18, 2015
Notification (Regular Paper):December 4, 2015
Notification (Presentation of Overseas Publication):December 4, 2015
Poster submission (A4 size) (EXTENDED): 17:00 JST, December 14, 2015
Poster Notification: December 21, 2015
Early Registration Due: January 7, 2016
ACSI2016: January 18-20, 2016


ACSI (Annual Meeting on Advanced Computing System and Infrastructure) gives researchers in Japan an opportunity to present their work on a wide variety of topics about advanced computing systems, practical infrastructures, and technologies for enabling them. The first ACSI meeting was held in January 2015 as a successor to the JSPP and SACSIS symposium series. By discussing recent advances, future directions, and practical experiences of these systems and technologies from wide and various viewpoints, ACSI promotes sharing of research experiences in Japan and the development of technologies. In addition, ACSI gives researchers an opportunity to get feedback from the reviewers and attendees with various backgrounds, and encourages submissions of revised versions of the work to international conferences or refereed journals. For this purpose, accepted papers are distributed only to attendees and not opened to the public. The encouragement aims to promote international activities in the relevant domestic research community.

[Topics and Submission Styles]

ACSI2016 invites papers on all topics about advanced computing systems, practical infrastructures, and technologies for enabling them including, but not limited to, the following aspects:

ACSI2016 will accept the following styles of submissions: regular papers (long/short), presentations of overseas publication, and posters.

(1) Regular papers (long papers)

High quality papers (at most 10 pages) that establish significant results and ideas are solicited in this category. Papers must be written in English. All submitted papers will be reviewed by the program committee for sustaining the quality of presentations in the meeting, selection of accepted papers and award selection. The program committee expects that the review reports will help the author(s) submit the revised papers to international conferences/journals in the near future. Review reports will be sent to the author(s) in English or Japanese. The author(s) may ask reviewers to write reports in English at the submission.

The author(s) of each accepted paper must register for the meeting to give an oral presentation, either in English or in Japanese. Presentation slides should be written either in English or in Japanese, too.

(2) Regular papers (short papers)

High quality papers (4-6 pages) that establish significant results and ideas are solicited in this category. Papers must be written in English. All submitted papers will be reviewed as long papers. Papers with promising results or those bringing fruitful discussion in the meeting will be also accepted.

The author(s) of each accepted paper must register for the meeting to give an oral presentation, either in English or in Japanese. Presentation slides should be written either in English or in Japanese, too.

(3) Presentations of overseas publication

Presentations of high quality work that has been published in (or accepted to) peer-reviewed international conferences or journals but not in domestic ones are solicited in this category. Acceptance/rejection of all submitted presentation proposals will be judged by the program committee based on their relevance to ACSI and the availability of presentation slots. The original papers are used only for the proposal selection process.

For each accepted proposal, the author(s) of the original paper must register for the meeting to give an oral presentation, either in English or in Japanese. Presentation slides should be written either in English or in Japanese, too.

(4) Posters

ACSI2016 will call for poster submissions, following ACSI2015. The detailed submission information will be announced soon. The detailed submission information is available at "Call for Posters".

[Limited Access to Accepted Papers]

ACSI does not publish any proceedings. The papers accepted for ACSI are not opened to the public. Copies of the accepted papers will be distributed only to attendees of the ACSI2016, during the meeting dates and one week after the meeting.

[Submission Regulations for Regular Papers]

The IEEE conference style (US letter or A4 size) should be used for the regular papers submission. The page limit for long papers is 10 pages, and 6 pages for short papers. It must be an original work, which has not appeared in and has not been accepted for other peer-reviewed conferences or journals, domestic or international, of all categories including regular papers, letters, and technical notes. Papers that are included in or accepted for journals or conferences but the publications (e.g. proceedings) are not assigned either ISBN or ISSN number can be submitted.

The template of the IEEE conference style is available at Please submit a PDF file of your manuscript following this style. A submission not following the page limit and the style would be rejected.

[Award for Regular Papers]

ACSI2016 program committee selects at most one "ACSI2016 Outstanding Research Award" in each track.

Moreover, ACSI2016 gives "ACSI2016 Outstanding Student Research Award" for the best paper written by a student. To be qualified the student award, the first author should be a student and she/he must present the work in the meeting. A student working for a company is entitled to the award only when he/she has done the work as a student.

Above two awards are mainly selected from the view point of quality of the research, its practicality and potential. Additionally, the presentation quality is taken into account for the evaluation of the paper. No paper may receive both awards.

[IPSJ Transactions on ACS: Special issue on ACSI]

There is a special issue on ACSI in the ACS transactions, which will be announced about three weeks after the notification of ACSI review results. ACSI program committee cooperates with ACS editors to aim quicker review response than the regular issue of ACS. Please note, however, that the special issue is judged according to the criterion of ACS transactions, which is not identical to that for ACSI.


All papers should be submitted through EasyChair. The opening of the submission site is to be announced in ACSI2016 web page ( The author(s) is (are) requested to choose one of the following three tracks that most closely matches the submitted paper when submitting. Note that the author(s) may submit a paper without choosing a track if it is difficult. In this case, the program committee will determine a suitable track for the submitted paper. In addition, even though the author(s) chose a track for the submission, the program committee would move the paper to another track when necessary.

Track A: Applications and Algorithms [chair: ENDO, Toshio (Tokyo Institute of Technology)]

  • Computational Science/Simulations
  • Numerical Algorithms
  • Numerical Libraries
  • Auto Tuning
  • Large-scale Data Processing Algorithms
  • Power-saving Algorithms
  • Algorithmic Fault Tolerance
  • Scalable Algorithms
Track B: Programming and Systems Software [chair: TATEBE, Osamu (University of Tsukuba)]

  • Operating Systems
  • Programming Language Design and Implementation
  • Virtualization Technology
  • Data-intensive Computing Systems (MapReduce, KVS)
  • File Systems
  • Databases
  • Cloud Computing Systems
  • Cyber-physical Systems
  • Grid Computing Systems
  • High-performance Computing Systems
  • Security
  • Communication Libraries
  • Wide Area Networking
  • Large Scale System Management and Evaluation
Track C: System Architecture [chair: KIMURA, Keiji (Waseda University)]

  • Processor Architecture
  • Memory Architecture
  • Network Architecture
  • Heterogeneous Architecture (GPU, Many Cores)
  • Reconfigurable Systems
  • Low Power Design
  • Dependable Systems
  • Application-specific Architecture
  • Embedded Systems


General ChairYASUGI, Masahiro(Kyushu Institute of Technology)
General Vice-ChairIWASHITA, Takeshi(Hokkaido University)
Program ChairAIDA, Kento(National Institute of Informatics)
Program Vice-Chair(paper review)DATE, Susumu(Osaka University)
Program Vice-Chair(ACS liaison)SATO, Yukinori(Tokyo Institute of Technology)
Program Vice-Chair(posters)INOUE, Koji(Kyushu University)
Tutorial ChairOYAMA, Yoshihiro(The University of Electro-Communications)
Tutorial Vice-ChairHANAWA, Toshihiro (The University of Tokyo)
Local Arrangement ChairNANRI, Takeshi(Kyushu University)
Local Arrangement Vice-ChairTAKANO, Ryousei(National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology)
Financial ChairFUKAZAWA, Keiichiro(Kyoto University)
Financial Vice-ChairYOKOYAMA, Daisaku(The University of Tokyo)
Publicity ChairEMOTO, Kento(Kyushu Institute of Technology)
Exhibition ChairINOUE, Koji(Kyushu University)
Exhibition Vice-ChairIKEGAMI, Tsutomu(National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology)
General Affairs ChairHIRAISHI, Tasuku(Kyoto University)
Program Committee Member
Track A:
Track ChairENDO, Toshio(Tokyo Institute of Technology)
INO, Fumihiko(Osaka University)
OHSHIMA, Satoshi(The University of Tokyo)
KATAGIRI, Takahiro(The University of Tokyo)
KIMURA, Kinji(Kyoto University)
TAKAHASHI, Daisuke(University of Tsukuba)
TADANO, Hiroto(University of Tsukuba)
NARUSE, Akira(NVIDIA Corporation)
FUJII, Akihiro(Kogakuin University)
FUJISAWA, Katsuki(Kyushu University)
YAMAMOTO, Yusaku(University of Electro-Communications)
Track B:
Track ChairTATEBE, Osamu(University of Tsukuba)
ABE, Hirotake(University of Tsukuba)
ICHIKAWA, Kohei(Nara Institute of Science and Technology)
INOUE, Hiroshi(International Business Machines Corporation)
OGUCHI, Masato(Ochanomizu University)
KAWASHIMA, Hideyuki(University of Tsukuba)
KOURAI, Kenichi(Kyushu Institute of Technology)
SUGAYA, Midori(Shibaura Institute of Technology)
SUMIMOTO, Shinji(Fujitsu Laboratories Limited)
TAURA, Kenjiro(The University of Tokyo)
TAKANO, Ryousei(National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology)
TANIMURA, Yusuke(National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology)
NANRI, Takeshi(Kyushu University)
HIRAISHI, Tasuku(Kyoto University)
YANAGISAWA, Yoshisato(Google Incorporated)
Track C:
Track ChairKIMURA, Keiji(Waseda University)
IRIE, Hidetsugu(The University of Tokyo)
KISE, Kenji(Tokyo Institute of Technology)
GOSHIMA, Masahiro(National Institute of Informatics)
NAKADA, Takashi(The University of Tokyo)
NISHI, Hiroaki(Keio University)
HASEGAWA, Yohei(Toshiba Corporation)
MASE, Masayoshi(Hitachi, Ltd.)
MATSUTANI, Hiroki(Keio University)
MIWA, Shinobu(University of Electro-Communications)


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Copyright 2015, ACSI2016 Organizing Committee

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