“Thinking Committee”

We have had a domestic symposium (workshop) while changing its name from JSPP, SACSIS, to ACSI since 1989. However, there was growing concern about its future at ACSI 2016.

Therefore, we established “Thinking Committee” to have community-wide discussion without any preconditions attached, and had held a series of discussions through four off-line meetings from Feb. to July, 2017.

As a consequence, we had reconfirmed the following points:

  • It is important that to have a community-wide symposium (workshop) in addition to the activities of each SIG for interaction among the researchers especially in our field of computing systems.
  • Reviewing submitted papers helps to promote the development of researches and to foster young researchers.
  • A domestic symposium (workshop) should be regarded as an early stage of researches. Therefore,
    • Submission to this symposium (workshop) should not be an obstacle for later submission to international conferences/journals; that is, the risk that work presented in this symposium (workshop) is regarded as published should be lowered;
    • In order for this symposium (workshop) to be positioned in an early stage of research, it is not effective to restrict the language to English.
  • We should place emphasis on the role of a symposium (workshop) to foster young researchers.

The basic idea of xSIG is discussed in this “Thinking Committee”.

Pleases visit this site (in Japanese) for more details.