Call for Exhibitions and Sponsors

Call for Exhibitions

xSIG solicits exhibitions by industry/academic organizations, with sponsorship fees to support the workshop. We look forward to your participation and cooperation as a sponsor of the workshop, which will attract prominent academics/businesses as well as young upcoming researchers/students.

Proposals are reviewed based on the relevance and interest to the workshop and its participants.

Sponsor fees and options

  • Regular sponsor: JPY 50000,
  • Gold Sponsor: JPY 80000.
  • Premium sponsor: Details are negotiable. e.g., support drinks or the banquet; open your drink/food bar in the banquet; etc.

Sponsor benefits

  • Free registrations up to two persons
    • Invite up to two persons of your organization. They can participate in banquets and other social events (extra charge for the banquet).
  • Logos and acknowledgements on web site and distributed materials
    • We will display the logo (and a link from the web site) of your organization and an acknowledgement as a sponsor on the workshop web site and in distributed materials. The logos of Premium, Gold, and regular sponsors are separately displayed in this order. The logos are displayed in the order of sponsor fees (Premium) and application arrivals (Gold and regular).
      Special support for banquets, foods, drinks, etc. will be separately acknowledged and mentioned in appropriate opportunities (e.g., banquet opening).
  • Exhibition booth and permission to distribute brochures during the workshop
    • Space is provided for an exhibition booth and putting brochures of your organization. Or you may distribute brochures without an exhibition. Details will be communicated after application. Detailed layouts will be determined by the organizing committee.


April 27th (ask for extensions if necessary)


Submit the following form or fill this file and send it via Email at .



Thank you very much for your cooperation.