Paper Format

Paper Format

English or Japanese.
Necessary Items
The format is not restricted as long as the following items are included:

  • “xSIG 2022 Confidential Draft — Do NOT Distribute!” at the top of the 1st page.
  • Title
  • Authors and Affiliations xSIG is a single-blind workshop.
  • Abstract
  • Main Matter
  • References

Other items than these (e.g., acknowledgment) can be included (within word limits).

Word Limits
approximately 4,000 to 8,000 words. No limit for references. This would be 5 to 10 pages in 10pt, twocolumn styles.
If you use LaTeX, the following example will produce a paper that complies with the xSIG format. Note that modifications might be required depending on your style file.

\documentclass[10pt, a4]{article}


  xSIG 2022 Confidential Draft --- Do NOT Distribute!\\ \vspace{5ex}
  {\LARGE Title}\\ \vspace{4ex}
    Author3$^{\ddag}$ % …
  }\\ \vspace{2ex}
  $\dagger$: Affiliation1\hspace{1em}
  $\ddag$: Afflication2\\ \vspace{3ex}

This paper describes ….


Recently, … \cite{bib:xsig-2022}.

\bibitem{bib:xsig-2022} xSIG 2022, /2022/en/ (2022).


We will collect before the workshop the manuscripts for on-line distribution during the workshop.

Bachelor/Master Thesis and Paper to Submit

We welcome papers that serves the base for bachelor/master theses. However, a thesis and a papers to submit are different from the purpose. If you try to submit a paper that serves the base for your thesis, attention should be paid to the following items:

  • Do not write “Bachelor/Master Thesis” in the header.
  • Include all the authors (including you).
  • Do not write the adviser or the date of submission to the university office.
  • Pay attention to the recipient and contents of the acknowledgement.

In general, too long manuscripts comparing with their technical contents will be poorly evaluated. Since the potential readers of papers submitted to the workshop are specialists of their research area, we recommend to divide the background section into:

  • general background that specialists of that area will know and
  • paper-specific background that must be explained even to specialists.

The former should be omitted from the paper to submit. This also helps your thesis be more easy to understand.